Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Monday 6th February- Friday 10th February 2012

This week is the deadline and as a group our main focus this week is to add in all the titles ready for Friday. This is a lot of pressure for the group as we cannot agree on the right font to use. We dont have time to disagree but all group members have to be happy with the final sequence. Group members are also out for various reasons during this weeks lessons which adds more pressure to the group members that are in to finish the sequence. My concerns about the text are that we will not have all of them complete and that the font will not match the rest of the sequence. Also if group members are out then we cant all agree and make a whole group decision.

Adding transitions for the text is a bit difficult as we have to try so many different transitions before we can get the right one as we want to make our sequence as realistic as possible. Our concerns are that once we have showed the teachers, if there is any errors will we have enough time to edit them to make our errors correct. I really hope they we have done a good enough job and made a interesting but different sequence. As a group we were happy with the amount of progress we had made last week but are very concerned about the work will are going to do this week as the titles are a major part of the sequence and we want them to look realistic and perfect in each shot.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Thursday 2nd February 2012

In todays lesson we worked hard as a group to fade in and out the music in the correct places. We also got to add in our production logo as lately we have been having trouble trying to import it.We also worked with finding the correct and appropriate transitions between the shots so that the sequence moved continuously without sharp cuts. Our main focus for today was to make sure all the shots were the correct length, do as much editing as possible and make sure the music was in time with each shot otherwise it would look messy and out of place. We also changed the font for the title of the film as we did not believe it showed any significance to the title sequence and message its showing. Our aim for next lesson is to add the titles in and make a few small changes so that we are ready to show our title sequence next week.

Tuesday 31st January 2012

Due to recent obstacles in our filming we finally managed to overcome them and finish the filming just with enough time to complete the editing. Due to the result in lack of light and dancers being ill we have had to use a different performer. This was a last resort as we hoped the original dancer would be well enough to perform in time. This brought stress and negativity to the group as we believed we would not have our sequence finished in time.

Today we shot a different dancer and got the right performance that we needed. We then were able to complete our editing with the transitions in between each shot. We also tried the sequence with our music and got the shots and audio to match up correctly. We also changed part of the sequence to black and white to make the sequence show that time has passed from the first shots to the end shots. This would show significance for the meaning that we are trying to get across about how things changed through the film overtime.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Tuesday 24th January 2012- Thursday 26th January 2012

In todays lesson we started to put our sequence together into final cut pro. We looked at different transitions inbetween the shots and worked out where the titles were able to go. We also worked around with the picture of the x ray and where it would go within the sequence. In todays lesson one member- yasmin was not in as she was ill.

In thursdays lesson two members were off for different reasons so me and Hannah worked on our title sequence. The server had crashed and all our work from tuesdays lesson was wiped which meant we had to start the whole sequence again. Once we imported all the shots into final cut our main aim was to cut certain shots in the correct place and put the whole sequence together so that when the girls were back in we could do more editing as a group as all group members should have a say in how the title sequence goes. We also added in the x ray image in the correct place and tried all different tranisitions so that the x ray image was as fluid as the rest of the sequence.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

location shots

These are our location shots of where we filmed our dance scenes and the wheelchair scenes. The first two pictures are of location shots that we used to film the wheelchair part. The outside location is where we filmed the dance part of our sequence. We took a picture of the tv and the corridor as they were the two main features of the title sequence. The square arc is a significant place in the location as this is where the boys danced for our title sequence.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Friday 20th January

Today we finished our shooting at my house and we were very successful. All the shots came out exactly how we imagined. All group members participated and worked well as a team. The house we used had enough space. We used a variety of different shots and used all space and props that were avaliable to us. At first we had a bit of a debate that it wouldnt work but we were suprised when we got all the filming done and it was all correct.

Next week we will focus on re shooting two shots and mainly focus on the editing part of the sequence. We filmed extra so that if some footage wasnt good enough we would have a back up plan.

Thursday 19th January

Yesterday (Thursday 19th January) we filmed the first two shots of our title sequence. It didnt go aswell as we planned it to but managed to work our way round the obstacles and got there in the end. One member of the group was unable to attend filming yesterday due to her being ill. As it got dark quickly it was limiting our lighting which was an obstacle we had to work around.

Due to watching the footage back we have decided to re-shoot the first two shoots as we can not establish what is going on as the lighting was worse than we thought. We are re-shooting these two shots next tuesday so we can start editing on thursday. This has become a bit of a problem as we may not finishing editing by the deadline. The group will work extra hard to make the title sequence as realistic as possible.